S3#13 Anime Contents Expo2012

Patrick and Yuu visit new anime convention and have interview with an artist and an anime director.

Hosts: Patrick Macias, Yuu Asakawa


Patrick descend to the depth of the Earth to get an exclusive interview with BABYMETAL.

Hosts: Patrick Macias, (Yuu Asakawa)

★ A song【Iine!】which is used in this video is available at iTunes Store

★ Promotion video of BABYMETAL ~My First HEAVY METAL in TOKYO 2012~
★【Doki Doki☆Morning】Now available at iTunes Store
★【Doki Doki☆Morning】On YouTube!

BABYMETAL Official Site (Japanese)

S3#11 Tokyo International Anime Fair

Patrick's solo adventure at TAF2012,

and he had exclusive interview with 2 anime directors.
Hosts: Patrick Macias, (Yuu Asakawa)

S3#10 Kawaii Kon 2012

Aspiring voice actors, watch and prepare yourself to be a professional.

There is also a "real version" of Luka song!
Hosts: Yuu Asakawa, (Patrick Macias)

S3#9 Trip to Osaka

Patrick's first trip to Osaka, a land of food, folks & fun.

Hosts: Patrick Macias, (Yuu Asakawa)

S3#8 AKIHABARA Backstage pass

Yuu's solo trip to Akihabara's new concept cafe.
There is also a winner announcement for ComiPo! contest at the end of the episode.

Hosts: Yuu Asakawa, (Patrick Macias)

Official page of AKIHABARA Backstage pass (Japanese)

S3#7 SEGA Toylets

Patrick and Yuu went to SEGA to discover an innovative game made by enthusiastic development team.
This is a very educational episode.

Hosts:Patrick Macias, Yuu Asakawa

Official page of Toylets (Japanese)

S3#6 Tokyo Game Show 2011

OVZ's coverage of the Tokyo Game Show 2011.
Yuu showed her wild skill during her game play and gets sweaty.

Hosts:Yuu Asakawa, (Patrick Macias)

Official page of Tokyo Game Show 2011 (English)

S3#5 CharaHobby 2011 - Cosplay

OVZ's coverage of the Chara Hobby convention in Tokyo continues
as Yuu and Patrick interview cosplayers from Evangelion, Tiger & Bunny, and Transformers.
Then, our fearless hosts take the challenge to do some cosplay of their very own!

Hosts:Patrick Macias, Yuu Asakawa

Official page of Chara Hobby (Japanese)

S3#4 CharaHobby 2011 - SKE48

Patrick and Yuu go to CharaHobby2011, an otaku event in Tokyo,
which covers figures, cosplayers and idols.
Patrick also gets exclusive interview with all-singing, all-dancing sensation known as SKE48.

Hosts:Patrick Macias, Yuu Asakawa

Official page of SKE48 (Japanese)

S3#3 Inside an Anime Voice Actor's Studio

Patrick Macias visits Yuu Asakawa in the studio for some behind-the-scenes action
as she records her parts for the new anime Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls.
Aspiring voice actors, watch and learn as veteran voice actor Yuu reveals the secrets of her trade!

Hosts:Patrick Macias, Yuu Asakawa

Official page of Majikoi (TV anime) (Japanese)
You can watch Majikoi (English subs) here!

S3#2 Comic Market 80

Patrick and Yuu will bring you a report on Comic Market 80,
the largest doujinshi convention in Japan.
We also have a "real anime character" as a guest!

Hosts:Patrick Macias, Yuu Asakawa

Official page of Twin Angel (TV anime) (English)

S3#1 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & 6%DOKIDOKI

Patrick and Yuu invade a shopping complex in Shibuya and
witness a triple collaboration event between 6%DOKIDOKI, PARCO, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
They also interview Sebastian Masuda of 6%DOKIDOKI and get the behind the scenes scoop
on the making of the PONPONPON video from Kyary herself!

Hosts:Patrick Macias, Yuu Asakawa

Official page of 6%DOKIDOKI
Official page of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Japanese)